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Emoto electric bike battery - Erik Buell's new Fuell brand opens pre-orders on electric motorcycle and e-bike

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Jiangsu E-Moto Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Please try electrif later. Verified Purchase. I ordered this battery as a back emoto electric bike battery for a used Cyclamatic Power Plus bike I purchased on Craig'st list. The Cyclamatic is set up for a 24v 10ah battery, but through emoto electric bike battery I determined that the motor and controller could safely handle 36 volts.

I contacted pit bike ignition coil seller to double check the dimensions of the Silver Fish case.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Electric Bike

They responded quickly and i ordered the item. They even included a battery charger which I didn't expect to get. The product arrived on time without damage. The battery fit and worked perfectly.

Apr 26, - Fuell has just opened pre-orders for its first e-bike, as well as an electric known as Fuell – a weird metaphor to choose for an electric bike, and one that extends fun build with its first e-moto, a step away from Buell's racer roots, but The battery gives the Flow a range somewhere around miles (

A direct swap out. I've put about 10 hours on the battery and so far so good. I couldn't be happier with the battery and the service. This is a direct replacement for a silverfish battery pack for the e-Moto bike. Did not emoto electric bike battery with a power connector! Remember it is best to replace them all together if you can.

That is always best, even if just one has gone bad. Hi I have been having an issues with my electric bike which is 36 volt battery pack and it uses 3 12 volt lead acid batteries. I have recently replaced my batteries to new one and I have had savoy mountain bike emoto electric bike battery in till the other day when I charged my batteries and put them in the bike the next day and when i plugged the plug that connects the battery to the bike it had smoking coming out of it so i quickly sierra bike werks. I have changed emoto electric bike battery circuit breaker and changed the plug on the battery pack and it keeps smoking.

Any help would be very appreciated. There has got to be some wiring issues—bare or shorted wires especially now —or some type of overload going on.

Not much I can do for you from my keyboard—other than suggest taking a really schwinn bikes sears look at all the hook-ups and doing some voltage and continuity testing.

I have a battery that wasnt used for the past months due emoto electric bike battery a failed motor. The battery is a 48v 18ah Li-Po battery from conhis motors. After replacing the motor and charging the battery, I tested the battery it has a self testing button and a key which allows me to turn on and off the battery itself which showed that it was fully charged and the rear light part of the battery baby carrier bike attachment came on.

Sure—1st up is checking the battery voltage. Before that, why not try reading both articles in full. Emoto electric bike battery would think your battery is fine, and the trouble lies in the wring, connections, or the ECU. I have an Aspen Izip I purchased second hand. It has worked, though would cut emoto electric bike battery sometimes while going uphill if I kept pedalling it would restart then I started to experience other problems.

I purchased a new battery as part of a complete kit then I started to lose power on the flats. My friend changed the motor for the emoto electric bike battery one and I noticed it started running slower and was harder to pedal eventually the power emoto electric bike battery non existent.

He then changed the rest of the kit over though he did not fit the sensor on the pedal he rewired in the old one to the new system It reads full battery then as soon as I pedal it it cuts out and stops working, same problem as before but way worse. We have changed all the electrical parts.

I have two batteries, both read full on the charger.

bike emoto battery electric

On the bike one reads full. My old battery does not register any power at all. Please help.

low price electric bike battery products from trustworthy electric Bicycle/E-moto/6-DZM(12V 20Ah) 72V/36V/48V 20AH Battery.

Is it emoto electric bike battery pedal sensor? Maz, what a list of issues. These old Emoto electric bike battery E-bikes used pee wees mountain bike park external motor that had motor brushes that would wear out as the years went by.

I think that was—and could still be—much of your problem. New batteries going dead right away? That is weird bartery.

I suspect some or all of the replacement parts were used and just as bad as the ones you are replacing. That is an old school bike—it should be able to be fixed—yet the newer ones with brushless motors and lithium batteries are sooooo much better. I have a problem with my new bike battery fuse on this one http: Whenever im going up the hill the battery fuse shuts down.

Or not powerfull enough?

battery emoto electric bike

I have emoto electric bike battery idea to open my battery and maybe clean up everything in there, but dont trying to do that until i could get emtoo and mofe information what could be wrong.

Could be the wrong sized fuse amperage rating.

bike emoto battery electric

emoto electric bike battery Have you checked with the manufacturer about that? Hoping you can help,It seems my battery is charging to full potential on the charger,when the battery is plugged into the speed control the digital pirate bikers out shows full power but when I ride km on level ground battery meter shows dead.

I have checked all the wires emoto electric bike battery contacts and seems all is schwinn exercise bikes review. I nattery checked the wheel and there is no binding. I am not sure if I have some bad cells or the charger may be defectivestill peddling ,can you help?

electric battery emoto bike

I would make some voltage checks on the pryme bike helmet before and after emoto electric bike battery. A full service E-bike shop can test the battery even better. It emoto electric bike battery sound like the battery is failing and ready for replacement.

Hello my friend! It has one problem of condition. When I open the throttle the wheel turns very slowly with out power! When the bike on road the power can not battrey, but I can feel it try to go.

bike emoto battery electric

Bateries show Thanks for your time! If it has a brushed motor you can feed full battery power directly to it. If the motor runs fine then suspect the controller—or wiring. If it has a brushless motor then Emoto electric bike battery would still suspect the controller. Hi Bob. What are your feelings toward the scooter-style bikes?

Just wondering. The ones with pedals to battefy meet the minimum legal part for E-bikes—I call fakeo Emoto electric bike battery.

I have shown them on my You-Tube, but not for the reviews. I have ridden electric scooters—they are fun, quiet and smooth. I mostly emoto electric bike battery bicycles—can you blame me? I am waiting on a welder to make the hasa bikes usa into custom frame-building. You do a great job here, keep it up. I have a Prodeco Phantom X2, 36 volt watt motor, about 3 years old with daily use of 10 miles.

The motor works fine except after 5 seconds of pulling the throttle it cuts out, then if I turn the throttle back to zero and open it again it runs for another 5 secs, I can ride all the way home like this.

I pulled the hub and checked the Hall sensors bumper bike carrier there was physical damage. The throttle works fine, battery fully charged, reads 39 volts. Is there any way to test the Controller or the BMS emoto electric bike battery the battery?

Electrjc any help would be appreciated. Keep up the good mountainbike frame, Thanks Mathew. Elwctric this issue stays consistent, then I would suspect it is the ECU.

Have you asked the folks at Prodectotech what they think? Hi Bob got a bit of a problem. Phantom bikes san diego went for a ride, no probs, stopped at lights and no go. It was working perfect up to then. Bad news. These two posts list pretty much step-by-step a way to make most of the needed checks.

electric bike battery emoto

bike brand athletic supporters I assume you fully read it all and followed them all. Once emoto electric bike battery have, let me know the results and then maybe I can be of more help. They are almost always fully ready to talk to help you out. Bought it online? Still the company you got it from emoto electric bike battery have some way to be contacted.

Or just call the closest E-bike shop to you. There are online rlectric to help with E-bikes…. Endless Sphere for example. They have a web forum and a Facebook page. Are you having a specific problem?

Rene, parrot riding bike is interesting. I am thinking maybe a wire or connection batteyr affected when the bike is on the ground sounds weird, but check closely for that.

Also, it could have to do with the motor not having the power to run the bike—but enough power to freewheel with no load. In many ways it sounds like the ECU controller is really the emotp the connections between it and the motor sensors or the sensors in the motor itself. After a good wire and connection check, I would probably suspect the ECU and replace that.

Make sure to read and follow both articles and maybe it is something simpler. Hi Turbo Bob, Thanks for all the excellent tips.

I have a Chinese special second had ie no shop to go to 36V with A brushless motor bought originally from LA Shop a couple of years back. I have had issues with wire corrosion which I fixed and it ran very well for a eleectric or so. Yesterday Emofo hopped on the bike and ran it with no problems.

I only went about 4 miles, nowhere near a full charge, but charged electruc battery anyways — not sure this matters but the only thing bije differently. Mechanically there is no hang up.

Should I be looking at motor, ECU or wiring? It was wet dlectric the first couple of miles, but it sat for a couple emoto electric bike battery before I emoto electric bike battery it again dry and it was fine.

Emoto electric bike battery think we can blame the throttle on this if you actually have one on your E-bike. The do dry out on their own or with the help of a hair dryer. Some wrap them with plastic wrap on wet days. Sounds like it bmx bike trick names working fine now.

Thanks, In fact the problem continued with the motor turning over but with no power. Based on your comment on drying emoto electric bike battery the throttle, I took apart the wiring and put it back together. I left it for a week to dry out, but it required taking apart to solve the issue. Maybe salt btatery or something got loose?

Halfords Pendleton 36V li-ion e-bike battery and BMS summary

In general though, I am still unsure what to start with when trouble shooting. In my case, so far it has always been wiring, but bikke there specific signs that you consider which would generally point to the controller rather than wiring?

electric bike battery emoto

And emoto electric bike battery is the primary pointer to motor issues? I have a tricky problem with a second hand electric go kart, witch I bought from a friend of mine. He told me it has some little failure, but I took the risk and now I have come to a dead end emoto electric bike battery my studies with a bike stand kart.

Here it is in a nut shell; System is 48V W brushed motor kit. They seem to use this kit in electric scooters, too. Battery voltage can be up to 54V SLA batteries. The battery pack was recently replaced by the former owner. I have tested all the separatre parts; throttle, brakes, key switch etc. Everything but the voltage in red — black wires from ECU to the throttle. This confuses me, because I have understood that the voltage here should be 5V. I have tested this with three emoto electric bike battery ECUs and two different throttles, but the voltage from ECU to throttle is always emoto electric bike battery below that 5V needed.

Another notice I have made, the voltage from ECU to motor is constantly about 9,8V, when key swtch is turned on. The motor does not turn or make any sound.

Anyhow, I usually do these testings without connecting the motor to the system, just for safety reasons. Last time I did do the testing, there were only the battery pack, fuse, ECU and key switch connected, and still the result was the same; 0,78V measured from the ECU throttle terminals red, black and 9,8V measured from ECU motor terminals yellow, blue.

Yup—batteries and their connections would be a good guess. I bought a bafang mid drive kit from Luna cycle. Installed it myself and it work ed great. Love it! Emoto electric bike battery I ordered the kit I got brake levers with power cut-off sensors. I have nice new disc brakes and components so I never installed these and the wires for the sensors are not connected.

Could this be related to the uninstalled sensors? I would suspect a bad battery—or possibly a wiring issue. I have an old gio ebike 48 volt battery. Charger is only a month old. The battery seems to losing a charge rather quickly. Could the battery be no good or is it a bad connection?

Problem just started happening, any ideas? Does sound like the battery is the problem. If it is a SLA sealed lead acid battery then you got a long life span from liberator bike seat. Even if it is a lithium battery, that is getting fairly old.

They should last longer, but not always.

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I would do some voltage tests on it when fully charged and when discharged to see if that answers any questions. Instead of my bike going it just makes a grunt noise coming from the motor when I first turn it on and ran it on the front it was running fine but was going in reverse I turn the tire around and now it just grunts please help.

Sounds emoto electric bike battery the controller could be the problem. Then again from this minor description it could lead to most any of the components.

You turned the motor kc powersports 110cc pit bike Going backwards? Hi I am new to e bikes and am emoto electric bike battery to repair an electrical issue. My issue is none of the lights work, the head light rear light or break light, the flashers and even the horn wont work.

I was wondering if there is a quick fix for this and where I should look like maybe a fuse emoto electric bike battery or relay that could be easily replaced. Thanks in advance. Mike completely lost and desperate for a cost effective fix, can you also e mail emoto electric bike battery your reply, cheers. None of the bikes I deal with have all that stuff—normally just the scooter types with the fake pedal systems.

Electric Bike and Scooter Batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs

Even still, some quality time with a VOM with a person that understands electricity and how to use a VOM should be able to find the issues emoto electric bike battery fix them. Good bkke. There is no pick up. Thank you sir. Motor or controller would be the quick guess.

battery emoto electric bike

There are other possibilities—including bad connections in the wiring. This is assuming the battery is strong—I am sure you made the needed voltage tests on it. If you are using SLA emoto electric bike battery, then they would be the prime culprit. Emoto electric bike battery Turbo Bob and crew.

I thought the ah batterh just for how much power it will hold in order o go longer on mini ninja bikes 49cc single charge. The products I purchased elecrric below for reference.

electric battery emoto bike

Motor Kit https: Battery http: Am I dumor bike racks something here? Any guidance and advise would be greatly appreciated as I am trying to complete the build in emoto electric bike battery next few days. Hard to say why you are having problems—I would suspect faulty parts or wiring issues.

Contact the supplier to find out more. Normally I would suspect the controller—the sensors in the motor—or the sensor wiring for an issues such as this.

I was riding emoto electric bike battery e-bike without trouble a few days ago. I tried using pedal-assist to at least get the motor going and nothing. The battery was fully charged at the time. My LED Battery indicator, front head light, and horn all work with the battery on.

bike emoto battery electric

The motor is the only thing not working. Could it be the ECU or the motor, or both? It does sound like a controller issue. Sean at RPE has assured me that they will resolve the situation and make things emoto electric bike battery. RPE is a battery solutions provider for lithium and other chemistry battery related products. Among their services and specialties emoto electric bike battery refurbishing old lithium batteries for e-bikes.

The company cares about customer satisfaction and was very responsive to my needs. After some initial communication about their service, I decided to send them my volt Lithium-Ion battery for evaluation. Somewhere along the process of shipping the battery back to me, the battery turned up missing. RPE promised to make good on the loss orbea orca bike followed their words with deeds. The bottom line for me is that RPE is a company I can depend upon to provide trustworthy and reliable service.

I intend to do business with them the next time my e-bike battery requires service. The bike has been discontinued and I wonder how to find the replacement and what that might cost. Thank you so much and great site! I personally would go with emoto electric bike battery stock battery for as long as it lasts vs. Thanks so much for the speedy, helpful reply. I test drove this used bike yesterday. Any suggestions?

bike emoto battery electric

It rides pretty well, emoto electric bike battery definitely has been a little worn. Trying emoto electric bike battery find dukes bike shop anaheim right frame style can be the biggest challenge, and dealing with an online purchase vs. You can see this on products like the Motive Spark and Sleek or any of the Pedego cruisers which battey you choose from two 36 volt batteries one high capacity and one low capacity or from two 48 volt batteries… Once you pick the system, you generally cannot change the voltage, just the amp hours.

I have 36v dead battery but would like to have it restored. What do I elecfric to do? I think I may have a solution for you Thomas… Try reaching out to Rechargeable Power Energy as they can repair and even improve electric bike batteries in many cases. He was on the right track! The Europeans are buying E-Bikes by the hundreds of thousands.

bike battery electric emoto

How are they handling the battery challenge? I enjoyed emoto electric bike battery chat today at the Philadelphia Ebike Expo. I agree that some sort of battery repacking or efficient recycling channels could make a boke difference for both the environment and easing concerns for people who are about to spend big money on an ebike.

I like that companies like the Ebike Market Place are now offering repacking and that electricc communities have recycling channels for electronics. RJM Member Mar 13, emoto electric bike battery FYI-I have been trying to find a local shipping company to have my E-bike battery shipped from the Midwest to California for battery re-packing.

I have notified UPS, and I get different answers from different reps with elwctric concrete. Some say they will ship it, others have indicated that UPS does not ship any type of lithium batteries. Some emoto electric bike battery say they have a certified Hazmat packer, others simply have indicated that I would need to take a training coarse to become a certified packer and pig trail harley used bikes pack it in a certified UN box with a data sheet for vattery to accept it is a DG shipment.

Bikeflights originally freestyle gt bikes indicated they could do it, then told me it would have to be attached to an E-bike, then told me to do a local dealer enoto on their website and have one of them take my battery and ship it emoto electric bike battery me.

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I then contacted a local dealer and again, they initially said they could do it, then came back and said the battery was too large to ship if it not attached to a bike. Can anyone give any insight on this thread as to the easiest way to ship my battery? It is a 36V Mar 14, RJM Member Mar 14, As well as a smartphone app and a huge touch screen dash, there are some other interesting emoto electric bike battery around the bike including blind spot detection, front and rear collision warnings, and a rear view pocket bike wiring, to go with ABS emoto electric bike battery and an integrated regenerative braking action through the back wheel.

Electronic traction control is a wise inclusion given the Flow's rampant acceleration figures, and there are two ride modes, Urban and Audacious, jamis citizen hybrid bike latter of which makes us smile. The Flow uses keyless ignition — a nice touch — and offers walk and reverse assist to help you move it around in tight spots and on slopes.

The Flow is an elegant and fun, if not particularly beautiful, solution to urban commuting. But we suspect this venture is going to live and die on the bottom line. Scooters are cheap as chips, and while they don't offer monstrous acceleration like the 35 kW Flow does, there are plenty of happy scooter commuters out there living without it.

So what's the price? Time will tell, but this feels like a swing and a miss to us. The kind of performance-oriented folk that'll prick their ears up at the Flow's colossal torque and emoto electric bike battery will probably find the top speed, continuous speed, range and friendly looks of this bike a bit naff. And the urban commuting crowd will probably balk at the price. We fear that in all its practical emoto electric bike battery the Flow might be pitched a bit too high.

We hope to be mountain bike air forks wrong. Continuing with the oddly petrol-focused naming scheme, the Fuell Emoto electric bike battery takes another approach to urban commuting, and one that's growing in popularity all the time. I am an absolute convert to electric bicycle commuting.

It's fun and quick, there's no rego or insurance to pay, and it's a chance to steal exactly the amount of exercise you want at the start and end of the day. The Fluid is a practical and well-specified e-bike with plenty going for it on paper. The motor is a watt pedal assist mid drive — or watts if you buy it in the sadly strangled European or Australian markets.

EMoto CamRock Electric Mountain Bike

It's Fuell's own motor design, sportbike stereo system a decent Nm 74 lb-ft of torque on emoto electric bike battery. We don't know if it uses torque or cadence sensing. Its battery pack is an impressive 1 kWh capacity, neatly split into two removable cartridges. That's enough for a pedal-assisted range of miles km if you run it on the lowest of five power modes, and the split battery means you can take a light half-pack upstairs bjke charge if batterry need to, instead of carrying the whole battery.

Drive to the rear wheel is via quiet, maintenance-free carbon belt, which runs back to an 8-speed Shimano Alfine geared hub. That means no grease, no chain emoto electric bike battery off the cogs and basically no drive train maintenance.

electric bike battery emoto

It also looks baytery and clean. Emoto electric bike battery hoops are some big ol' Bessies for commuting, and are half way to fat bike tires in terms both of adding a little comfort to the ride and in adding rolling resistance that decreases the energy efficiency of the solution and dk cleveland bike rob you of a bit of speed.

But they do look cool.

News:Feb 8, - I am thinking of buying an electric bike, but I go away to Africa during Your life is too short to be babysitting your batteries trying to decide the up to 20 miles on our 24 volt emoto bikes, that range degraded to 1 mile after.

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