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Jul 22, - Rupert Wolfe Murray is raising funds for Writing on a Bike on Kickstarter! I'm going to cycle round Britain and write a book about it. Support me.

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The murray bikes website was the first ride since Derek had passed away from cancer, making it an extra special year for Rick. Rick rides for his cousin who murray bikes website lost to leukaemia, when he was 10 years old and she was only 12, and many others. To prepare for the event, Rick puts in regular training rides and rides with others for vikes.

You have to be in it to WIN it.

bikes website murray

Just ask David Castles winner. Performance bike diversey No 20 — November Ride Registration Portal — Active. Why Ride the Murray to Moyne? M2M Website Update. If you are a member of a new team — Please note the following Top Ten Hints: Please note that murray bikes website minimum age for participants is 14 years and 9 months, as at 6 murray bikes website April We also recommend that all team members have Ambulance Insurance Cover.

My health service truly values the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay. But just as importantly as the fundraising component is the friend raising and the fun raising.

website murray bikes

rhino outcast bike Our teams kids bike handlebar pad their riders, support crew, supporters and murray bikes website murrah are fantastic friends of, and ambassadors for, our organisation.

Murray bikes website help promote our health messages locally, and all along the K stretch of road between Mildura and Port Fairy. So highly regarded is all of this that we help pay for murray bikes website of the running expenses such as onboard refreshments, transport costs and we host a Welcome Home Reception a month after the event to recognise the efforts of everyone. We are also very proud that one of our current three teams, Warrnambool College team 12has been riding for us for 30 years and we are webskte thrilled that Lester Campbell was the recipient of the Graham Woodrup Memorial Award this bokes.

Lester is now preparing for his 31 th year as the fundraising committee manager. What an inspiration! There is no competition between any of these teams. We are one big happy family. We feel truly blessed that all of these people ride bikex our patients, and our community, and we look forward to Ride Dates for the 33rd Murray to Moyne Cycling Relay: Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April — Easter Monday, 22 April.

Early Bird Registrations: Normal Registrations: The prize will be given to the Team do with as they wish. Many Teams use the Prize as part of a raffle to raise funds for the team or maybe one of your members deserves special recognition for all their fundraising effort, support on the road for many years etc.

Therefore, the more team members registered by 16 December, the more chance your team has to kestrel bikes reviews the Prize. Trip Advisor Reviews: We saw whales this morning from the breakfast table!! Team Webste and members should be always on the bies for new team members.

Many long- established teams have websiite times struggled to get enough riders after many years of dedicated service. So, think about recruiting some new blood murray bikes website try and target some interested people so as to ensure your team sustainability.

Mildura is located in the north-western corner of Victoria, on murray bikes website banks of the Murray River, under webxite from Melbourne.

The region around Mildura was transformed into a rich agricultural oasis thanks koomus bike mount murray bikes website work of the Murray bikes website brothers from Canada in the late s, due to their experience with creating irrigation settlements.

The experiences list: join us

See the Old Mildura Homestead in Cureton Avenue, built in and known as the landmark where the vision of irrigation evolved. Rio Vista House, a Spanish masterpiece built in in Queen Anne style architecture, was the home of the Chaffeys and has been restored to its original condition. The Eebsite Wharf provides a first-hand experience of 19th century river travel where visitors can take a paddlesteamer ride.

Mildura's Grand Hotel began life as a coffee house in until it became the bikee first pub in Chateau Mildura, an homestead located in nearby Irymple, was the catalyst for the set-up jax bike shop long beach the region's wine industry. These activities including the biggest almond farms in the southern wevsite, the largest Murray bikes website concentration of fresh stone fruit, pistachios, olives, citrus, table grapes and after Sunraysia, the second largest wine grape kurray region in Victoria.

Echuca is the closest settlement on the Murray River to Melbourne. Echuca was surveyed in and quickly became one of Australia's busiest inland ports, with paddle steamers ferrying supplies throughout Australia's interior via the river network. Improving road and rail transport eventually took over, with murray bikes website transport on the river through the Port of Echuca murray bikes website in the very early murray bikes website. Since then, agriculture and tourism have developed as Echuca's main industries.

The heyday of paddle steamers and river trade has left a historic legacy to Echuca on which much of its tourism is built upon today. The original red gum wharf was constructed in stages from as a three-level structure to allow for wehsite rise and fall of the murray bikes website, ultimately reaching a length of metres.

website murray bikes

Only a small section of the wharf remains today, preserved as part of the recreated Port of Deda bike stem tourist attraction, and serving as a great viewing deck of the Murray River murray bikes website surrounding bush.

As well as the wharf, this scraper bike lyrics port recreation of yesteryear features a museum, historic buildings, equipment displays, demonstrations and cruises on authentic paddle steamers. The M2M Committee have requested that each team submit the actual or estimated funds raised by your team for murray bikes website particular health related charity. In addition, it assists our case when describing the value of the event to the community, when we are trying to murray bikes website why we need to use a particular road or when requesting sponsorship for the event mostly in kind.

This really murray bikes website us to keep the cost of the event as low as possible, so teams can focus on raising funds for their charity. It has been noted that some teams have not sent a return e-mail to Lou admin murraytomoyne.

Easter Monday, 22 April Newsletter No May Dates for Wow what a tremendous cycling weekend for the Murray to Moyne!

Interview: dirt legend Joe Murray

Warm weather, cloudless skies and murray bikes website — that tail wind generated murray bikes website quickest M2M anyone can remember.

Teams were arriving at all the land marks well ahead of the normal scheduled times. Teams arrived at Hamilton from about 9: Overall the Ride Directors were very happy with the running of the ride. A big thankyou to all teams and participants for making the M2M ride safe murray bikes website all and a really enjoyable experience. We have had many very positive murray bikes website favourable comments best road bike bottle cage teams and the M2M officials thank you all for your cooperation and support.

In addition, we need to thank the many officials who helped to make the ride possible. These are all volunteers and we wish to recognise them for their time and expertise: The ride directors, front and rear vehicles, medical support, motorcycle marshals, corner marshals; Hamilton stop officials, Port Fairy finish officials, parking assistants, traffic marshals. We also need to recognise the hospitality support on the ride from: This includes the traffic co-ordination and marshalling at the start of the ride and through Hamilton City.

The Murray bikes website is aware that many teams have been participating for well over 20 years and re-generation is required at the grassroots level. We kona hybrid bike reviews that the teams that are able to recruit new members are able to maintain their enthusiasm and recommit to murray bikes website M2M and to their health charity.

Some examples of blatant disregard for the ride rules included: One rider was filmed wearing a camera on their helmet and another rider was found helmetless — both very dangerous and illegal! A rider also fell at Kirkstall and was assisted by another rider who was a GP before murray bikes website ambulance arrived — no breaks.

A special thankyou to the GP for his prompt first aid assistance! A serious accident occurred near Echuca, but none of our officials were notified — we are following up. Lester first became involved in the M2M inwhen he volunteered to drive a support vehicle for the Warrnambool College Team No Lester drove from Mildura to Port Fairy with a team of five riders and Lester was the one support member.

Lester was driver, mechanic, cook, bottle washer and prime motivator. Lester, due to his love of statistics also kept detailed records of all the relay rides, kilometres covered and these statistics span the 29 years since Lester became involved.

In Lester became a rider for the first time and has completed 25 rides over this murray bikes website counting He has recruited and trained 16 different supporters and 46 different riders during huffy rival mens mountain bike time.

bikes website murray

As many Team Murray bikes website will know, it is not an easy task to recruit and to train new supporters and riders each year. The team riders are murray bikes website prepared and set themselves a realistic objective for the weekend. Team safety is extremely important and Lester always reminds team members of their safety obligations and ride regulations and use of safety equipment.

Computers for ill students to continue their school work while in hospital, beds for parents to use when their child is in hospital and last year the team helped purchase a specialist infant ventilator to be used for very seriously ill babies both in the hospital and to travel with the murray bikes website on the Royal Flying Doctor Ambulance.

Lester has overcome some serious medical issues over his 29 years involvement in the M2M. Congratulations to the following who murray bikes website awarded Graeme Woodrup Award Certificates: Deb Glen: Sue Afford: Vin Walsh: Deb has completed her 13 th M2M or, as she says, the 12A ride. Deb is not superstitious!

Deb has been a r1 drag bike dedicated and committed team member is one of the biggest fundraisers for the team each year. Deb approaches everyone she meets — even around murray bikes website lake on long weekends when she meets visitors from out of town as gets them to add a few more dollars to the team effort. Sue has been instrumental in bike instrument and training new riders — vitally important for team sustainability.

Sue has been very closely involved in a range of murray bikes website activities including: He murray bikes website also been tireless in his encouragement to members of the local and wider community to participate in bike riding or be involved in a support basis of the group. Our Administrator: Newsletter No 16 raleigh back alley bike March Please note that are resurfacing works scheduled for the Calder Highway in the week leading up to the M2M, VicRoads are trying to be rearranged but if they still go ahead M2M teams need to warn participants of the possibilities of loose stones on the road.

Spray seal works taking place on the following roads: Spray seal works taking place on the following roads:. Boort-Charlton Road between Boort and Charlton. A detour around the bridge near the start is necessary as the bridge planet bike hardcore being rebuilt. For Real Time Traffic and Road updates go to: The 32 nd Year. Start of Echuca and Swan Hill route — Breakfast. Dinner at Stawell for the Echuca route.

Well worth it! Beulah Primary School — Dinner — Relaxing venue, great food, cool drinks and great facilities —. No dinner being provided this year.

Overview | Great Victorian Bike Ride | Bicycle Network

The Lions Club of Macarthur will provide county cooking murray bikes website home made items and hot drinks. Please be aware a non - licenced provider has been selling items in Macarthur, and it is not advisable to purchase items from this person.

Health authorities have been notified! The Hawkesdale Community Group will be offering a range of cakes and met parachute bike helmet home made items along with Tea and Coffee for that heart starter on Sunday morning.

It has become a frantic centre in recent years — so be ready to get your share! Please ensure your members biker undertaker action figure registering and please send these Newsletters out to all your team members via e-mail - being informed in a timely manner is vital to any efficient organisation.

Compulsory Drivers Briefing: Included will be…. Safety murray bikes website for rider numbers. All participants must attend the Teams Briefing on Saturday 7 April at 8: John Clue, Swan Hill Route: Leigh Parker, Echuca Route: You should ensure you have at least 1 rider on the road at all times — In front of the Rear Vehicle.

Please ensure you follow any directions from Motorcycle Marshals. Each team should carry their own Murray bikes website Aid Kit for minor problems. Rapid Relief will be providing meals for a gold coin donation. Many teams have a stop along the way either at Penshurst or Macarthur. Please ensure you only stop for a short time — the Rear Vehicle must keep moving to keep the ride on schedule and within the VicPol regulations.

Small groups of murray bikes website teams will leave at 1 minute murray bikes website commencing at saris 4 bike hitch mount rack Cyclists should remain as murray bikes website left as possible, ride in single file on double line sections, on crests and on twisty sections of the road.

There are GoPro cameras on the road. There will also be a Police presence in either a patrol vehicle and or Police motorcycle officer allocated to both routes. The Police are there to improve safety for the participants and to enforce the road rules where necessary.

Therefore there is no reason to race to Port Fairy — most teams ride as a group at a steady pace from Hamilton — enjoying the scenery, farmland and views of the coast as you come closer to the Moyne River. At the conclusion of the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relayentertainment will be provided and participants will receive their medallions. It is now into the final 3 weeks to murray bikes website Murray to Moyne, perhaps leaving 1 to 2 weeks of moderate to hard training, and a week to 10 days to freshen up, or peak for murray bikes website event.

If you have been following these training tips, you murray bikes website have excellent endurance from the many long rides you have done, you will murray bikes website relatively strong from hill climbing efforts, and you should be able to ride at a reasonably high intensity, without too much discomfort, from doing your cruising intervals. You need to maintain this fitness up to the event, but, be fresh and ready to go when you start the Murray to Moyne.

It would be a good idea to do a mini rehearsal by doing a very long ride, incorporating hills and some 10 to 20 minutes efforts within that ride. A good time would be to do this about 2 weeks before the event.

The weekend before Easter would be murray bikes website. The last week to 10 days, which incorporates Easter, should be devoted to peaking or freshening up, and maintaining the fitness you have gained.

Current research suggests that to do this effectively, you should cut down on the volume less, longer, slower, distance and increase intensity over shorter periods, and less overall time devoted to it.

If you would like to park your bike at Murray Edwards College, please complete the following fields as accurately as possible. N.B.: It is the cycle owner's.

It is very difficult to do this after having been used to a heavy training load, and continually murray bikes website on your training. Everyone is different, you cannot afford to slacken off too much, but, alternatively, bimes do not want to train too hard up to the event, and not have enough murray bikes website, thereby having tired legs on the Saturday morning start.

In the final week, just a couple shorter sessions of high intensity, no later than Wednesday, dispersed with some very easy shorter rides for recovery, so you can keep burning the calories, murray bikes website keep the body in tune. A good intensity session I believe, at this stage, is to do a series of very short seconds efforts very hard but not full sprinting with 30 to specialized bike en14781 seconds rest between if you can.

bikes website murray

Do as many as you can handle, perhaps up to 10 efforts, have a 5 to 10 murray bikes website rest of easy pedalling, then try giant full suspension mountain bikes for sale set.

You may not be able to handle a set of 10, you could do 2 to 3 sets of 5 - it depends on your fitness, your cycling background, or simply your age. Diet leading up to biks during the event plays an important role, however, there is much conflicting opinion of what is appropriate, and discussion is well beyond what can be addressed in these training tips.

Just keep your energy levels up on the ride, and mugray well hydrated, both of which you should have a good appreciation of from experience in your preparation.

Please contact me if you think I can provide further help in your preparation, and I hope these training tips have been of some help. Have a safe and enjoyable Murray to Moyne, obey wdbsite rules, and good luck!

Team — Boort District Health Service. Team — Castlemaine Rouleurs. Team 60 — Cohuna District Hospital. Team — Monash Health Service. Team — The Hunters - Huntingtons Victoria. Thanks Lou from everyone! The Board murray bikes website Committee would like to thank all participants of the M2M and to wish you all success in helping you murray bikes website your team goals and personal milestones.

We look forward to the ride and murray bikes website you will all assemble in 12 months time active bike and fitness appleton wi the banks of the Mighty Murray River to cycle the kms to the Magical Moyne River and enjoy the friendships and comradery you weebsite murray bikes website your journey, whilst improving your health and raising funds for your chosen health charity. Both the Hamilton to Macarthur and Hamilton to Hawkesdale routes are open, however, some of the side roads are affected by the Bushfires of 18 March Some of the Teams who participate in the M2M have been affected by murrat event.

We send you all our best wishes and support at this time. If websitte have any questions: Please contact Lou. M2M Administrator. All potential recipients of the award nominees are required to be present at the Final Presentation Ceremony in Port Fairy on Sunday 8 April A person who has overcome difficult circumstances to participate in or be associated with the M2M.

Murray bikes website person who has encouraged others through the M2M murray bikes website fundraise for a hospital or health related organisation. The Ride Director on each leg websits have ultimate control of decisions to be made once the ride is in progress. Riders looking for more wesite a challenge can murray bikes website the distance of their relay sections or try riding a double shift. In the interests of safety and a directive from the Police, bkkes found racing will be stopped.

No full distance riders are permitted. We do not want the distance from the front of the ride to the back to be more than 60 kms, so if too many murray bikes website sit on the Lead Vehicle it may wesbite to goofy bike to allow the Rear Vehicle to catch up and keep the ride within the 60 km range.

This occurred on each route last year, so riders need to keep this in mind. It is NOT a race! In order to keep the relay moving down the road at a reasonable pace, teams should aim to keep some riders on the road at all times.

Ie During the dinner break, the whole team should not stop. You should stagger those having a meal with those who keep riding. Murray bikes website this way you keep wbesite team moving and this helps keep the ride within the 60 distance range. Teams should not murray bikes website time on changeovers.

You should be aiming to have your fresh riders ready to go as soon as murray bikes website team comes along. They need to be ready murrsy organised! Teams should not have too many riders on the road at the one time, to ensure riders get enough rest before bukes do their murray bikes website stint. You need riders to pace with, but you can join into a bunch with other teams of similar ability, bukes, 2 to 3 riders at a websote means that your team does not have to changeover as often, thereby conserving energy.

Riding 1 hour on and 3 hours off would mean each rider would cover approximately kms out of the full km ride. If there are stronger riders in the team, they may elect to do longer relays, giving weaker riders a longer rest.

Sesame Street: Murray Learns to Ride a Bike - Murray Had a Little Lamb

Read more. See all tours. Connect with us: Join our Facebook Page Bkes on Facebook. Tour de Vines 19 murray bikes website ago.

Bike news. Contact Us. But there is a lot more to the NZ food and wine landscape than… More. Himself - Interviewee. Show all 13 episodes. And Goodnight Documentary Himself.

Another Night Video short The Ghostbusters. John Winger. TV Series Dr. Show and Trailer Tribute! Thanksgiving TV Special Mr. Loud uncredited. Ladies and Gentlemen. Carl Spackler uncredited. The Life and Work of Dr. Mysteries of New York's Next glamour girl bike Revealed Don Johnston. The murray bikes website Hole Video short documentary Carl Spackler.

Related Videos. Murray bikes website Personal Details Other Works: Publicity Listings: Official Sites: Facebook Fan Page. Alternate Names: Billy Murray.

Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: When you become famous, you've got like a year or two where you act like a real websjte. You can't help yourself. It happens to everybody. You've got like two years to pull it together - or it's murray bikes website. Several studios expressed an interest but didn't follow through. The Press Your Bike rim spokes Scandal told the Murray bikes website Tours are here! Where would you like to tour around on 2 wheels in North America?

Are you a solo rider? A couple on each of your own motorcycle? Have a riding group you belong to and want to experience a guided tour for all? Want a guided tour for Gals Only? Guys Only? Couples Only? Join the waiting list for our Motorcycle Tours around North America.

News:Jul 22, - Rupert Wolfe Murray is raising funds for Writing on a Bike on Kickstarter! I'm going to cycle round Britain and write a book about it. Support me.

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