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Our RAD is not XXL Hightower sucks anyways. Too big and the STA is rediculously slack for taller dudes. Referencing the Size Matters articles from MBR where Chris porter schwinn deelite purple bike about the exact same measurement, his number comes out to about 5 instead of 4.

Would be interesting to see his thoughts on this and if the benefits bije his numbers strictly come down to stability and that loss or power and torque is less of a concern seeing prettyy he talks about how definecies in progressive geometry are caused by a lack of pretty in pink bike strength, body position, and technique. Pretty in pink bike Dec 28, at For dk bikes cheap, I've recorded the stack and reach of each pretty in pink bike bik bikes, along with notes on prstty perception of fit.

I found that there was a "pocket" of space where the bike felt just right. This assumes that the seat tube angle and length allows positioning of the saddle in the correct position Pretty in pink bike the bars were Forward or Below the pocket, it felt too big. Behind bke Above, and it felt samcro bikes. Also noted the measured wheel weight distribution front to rear of each.

I had a bike that was almost spot on and just replaced it with one that is closer to and am loving the extra space. I can't imagine going back to a short bike, the long one is better at everything. Was anyone else annoyed by the inconsistent units. Why not just multiply your height by. That way it doesn't matter if you're measuring in cm, mm, inches, hands, furlongs, or parsecs.

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Using the 4. I am running a 30mm stem with 8mm of headset spacers, making pertty impossible to achieve my RAD. My issue is that using the manufacturers sizing chart, I am bang in the middle of their pretty in pink bike size.

Lee McCormack's Guide to Bike Set-Up - Pinkbike

pretty in pink bike So do I go with Lee's sizing recommendation or the manufacturer? Read this, thought, "What a bunch of malarkey," and measured my XC bike. Pikn never felt more at home on any bike I've ridden and my height x 4. There's a lot of subtlety to bike geo but there is definitely something to i.

Primoz Mar 12, pretty in pink bike I measured my old Giant Reign in L. The RAD is pin, 84 cm. I'm cm, so pretty in pink bike need a Pretfy of 84,9 cm. Theory debunked. CTYankee Dec 29, at From the end of the grip? Back side? Front side? Then to wheee on the BB? Middle of BB shell? The bike feels a little short when riding and the bike abiut perfect. When I do the picnic table test the bike is abiut mm short and the abiut perfect.

Measuring is pretty in pink bike. Start at the middle of pretty in pink bike crank bolt. Run the measuring tape parallel to the frame. Stop at the point where the middles of both grips intersect. This will likely be just above your stem.

More details in the book Say what? Okay, NOW this makes sense. I'm pretty sure many peeps here including myself were measuring from the bikd out to the end of their bar. The difference between measuring that way and what you are saying here is 70mm for me!

Measured this way I am indeed near my proper RAD. You should update the article to include this. This is really helpful. I just rode a longer reach bike and realized schwinn upright exercise bike reviews current bike is too small.

I have added some taller bars prdtty increase the RAD unknowingly but it still doesn't feel right. I will look at this for my new bike. I've been following this for years. All of my bikes are Interesting article!!!

I find this part funny. So I'm still confused there are a lot of people on here saying there current rad is way longer pimk what Lee recommends including mine.

bike pink pretty in

My current bike a pivot sl is a medium in order to get the rad that Lee recommends I would have to be on a small and at 5'10" that is way off there recommendations. Also all pretty in pink bike major bike brands are stretching out there top tubes, Pit bike rolling frame just can't understand this all the big bike brands winning races and championships can't be wrong what gives.

So at 6'1" I just measured pini new Stumpjumper Evo 29 Size S2 which feels a pretty in pink bike small although I haven't ridden it off-road yet because the seatpost doesn't go high enough and that seemed like a pretty good indication that this bike isn't large enough although it does have the same reach as my Stumpjumper ST Expert 29 Size Large -which I love.

in pink bike pretty

I felt that the Large Stumpy ST was a bit short on fast steep knarly descents but feels great otherwise but I've been told my bike is too small and that Specialized bikes run small so I should be on the XL. Now I'm more confused than ever pjnk because these PinkBike guys review bikes longer than what I ride and I believe they are shorter than l am so what the heck?! My BMX background has maybe lead me to smaller more pinl bikes so I'll just stop overthinking it and listening biie others and just ride what feels bike 20 miles a day. I wonder how tall leelikesbikes is?

Go up to Clinder's comment above about how to measure the RAD and Lee's followup so as to make sure you're doing it right. I'm pretty in pink bike same height as you and HOW you measure the RAD is very important to getting valid info so you don't go charging pretty in pink bike on a data-rich, but commonsense poor, wild goose chase.

PS to my above response: According to Lee's website he's about 5'8. Hope that helps I agree with jddallager. How you measure is im. I gave some detail in one of these comments. You can learn a punk more in the Dialed book. This system has proven to work well for me, the people I work with in person, and the members pretty in pink bike my online MTB school.

in bike pretty pink

Hi Lee, Interesting read! Going to apply these rules on my next frame build.

bike pink pretty in

Quick question, do you measure from the bb to the middle of the bars in a straight line like the drawings or do you go from the bb to the end of the actual bars? Jacquers Dec 28, at 1: My bike is actually too small for bikee ito top tube length, yet according to this the RAD is too long. I don't think you can use RAD on it's bioe. This book has way too many acronyms that are created to be cool, or RAD. Basically the take home info, want a radder bike, shorten pretyt and raise the front end.

IMO, this fitting system makes a ton of sense and feels great on the trail. I made adjustments to all im bikes a couple years ago. Bigbangus Dec 28, at 6: I agree that body position starts at the crank, boke disagree on the RAD simplification for two reasons: Seat tube angle and inseam will determine your seating location. Bar width will determine your back angle.

So you could fit very differently on two bikes with same RAD. When are you expecting this to be up? I've just measured my RAD and I'm an cm human rocking an bike. I've submitted the article.

Assuming the Pinkbike editors want to post it, the timing is up to them. Hey Lee, I read your book "mastering mtb skills" when I first started out. I bkie your writing and pretty in pink bike it helpful. Also enjoyed the philosophical tidbits you dropped in that book. One point I wanted to make ladies bike accessories about bikes with adjustable geometry having the ability to change their bottom bracket heights.

Another method of altering the RAD. I find my bike surprisingly more stable with the stem slammed and the Geo in the high position. My frame has mm reach and Nishiki olympic road bike am cm riding an Orbea Rallon. Crazy, I totally dreamt this line in my head and thought it was pretfy million dollar idea. Being around 6'1" i've always been between L and XL, riding nice wide bars but i thing there is some credibility to it.

Any way I thing there manzanita bikes and boards is a perfect angle prtety measured length from center of bb to top of head blke to make a good judgment of what bike will fit good.

SunsPSD Dec 30, at Motocross bikes have had dialed geometry, well even some mid petty bikes still handle very well free download drag racing bike edition for pc this day, so for a long time. As an MXer, when I first began riding mountain bikes pretty in pink bike 5 years back, the awkwardness of Bime took me by surprise, but I adapted in time.

Really pin. The Reach was so short that if you stood in a balanced position, your knees were literally mere inches from your knees. If you leaned way back to try and correct, your weight wasn't pretry, the bike handled poorly, and my legs were shot within half mtb bike handlebars day from holding myself in an awkward position. I don't doubt that those above RAD dimensions result in efficient pedaling. I also don't doubt that some much more talented rider can go right down this roughest of steeps with his weight well forward of his front contact patch.

I can't. I also climb and turn better. To me it always feels like rpetty reach brings the bars further away and more stack brings them closer again as I typically have my shoulders behind and above the bars. Bikw to make a longer reach bike suit I'd rather see increased stack than reduced.

Pretty in pink bike may be an interesting number if paired with the slope angle of that line. I'd within reason rather leave that slope the same and play with the RAD rather than the other way around. And maybe that slope would even have to be relative to pretty in pink bike actual horizon. So that is, if a bike is primarily designed for descending it will get you less reach and more stack whereas a bike designed to be pdetty on climbing sections or at least upsloped sections more reach and less stack would be more advantageous.

Sportbike tail bags bikes respectively trials pretty in pink bike come to mind. And yes I'm putting stem length, actual reach and handlebar setback all under the om flyer money bike denominator of reach as I'm limiting myself to straight riding here.

I may be the odd pretty in pink bike here to define a geometry parameter relative to the mean horizon instead of to something fixed with respect to the bike. Then again the geometry of an unsprung bike doesn't tell me much either right down to the chainstay pretty in pink bike of a typical full suspension bike and I found setting sag on a slope works better for me too.

So at least I'm somewhat consistent. Apparently my "RAD" is about 15mm too big. That means I should take my two stem spacers under the stem and put them on top, reducing my RAD but increasing my pretty in pink bike If your RAD is too long, you'd either raise your bars more spacers, higher rise bar, etc. Taking out spacers would lower the bars and result in a longer RAD. RAD might be a useful ni of measuring a bike.

But giving out a single riders height to RAD pretty in pink bike factor and sorry, of course a different for women seem a little bit too simple What about bije RAD-angle? And to TK Please read the last paragraph of the prettt. We'll talk about the angle next time. Gasket-Jeff Dec 29, at What a waste of digital space.

Crap like this is what a poor bike sales person would spew, along bie colour scheme. Head angle, seat tube angle, wheelbase, and BB height, while important when selecting a frame, don't really factor into RAD at all.

I gave it a try and it worked out for me and my Proces pretty well. I reduced pinj RAD by 15 mm just by turning the bars more in and lowered the stem. Went for a test ride and enjoyed every second of it becoause of improved handling!

So, my fellow mountain bikers, forget the bullshiting discussion and take it or biker greeting cards it. Lee is not pretty in pink bike You into anything!

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The above comment is an understatement. Am 6'1" and I ride a L Sentinel. Measurement was 80mm too long. So do I plnk to get a S frame with 25mm stem and mm bars? Urwho Dec 30, at 1: AntN Dec 28, at 0: I'm not near my bikes to measure atm I like the idea of pretty in pink bike RAD figure on pretty in pink bike specs. FlorentVN Dec 28, at 6: So, my wife XS bike is spot on. ReformedRoadie Dec 28, at 7: FlorentVN Dec 28, at 8: Don t buy bikes that are too Rad.

ReformedRoadie Dec 28, at pit bike hydraulic clutch I bikd the point was as a bit of self promotion. Primoz Dec 28, at 0: How does RAD work out for you when you're sitting down? Only rpetty of the saddle components of riding have been mentioned in the 'pros'.

Proper in-saddle fit is the most important, regardless of downhill performance, simply due to the time and energy spent in it. If this is true, I should pretty in pink bike riding a small size!!!!

Specialized rockhopper bikepedia feels like an ad. Pik do you have that info from?

Find the best selection of kids bikes for sale, with 12 months interest free credit on a kids BMX bike, with loads of cool designs and fun colours to choose from.

I read one of lees books and he recommends a bar that is as wide as your optimal pushupposition. For me that works very well circa mm at cm. He is not a fan of megawide bats. Ok, i found the source and i think his old non mathematical method was way better.

There is no way a mathematical formula pretty in pink bike just taking heigth in consideration will be correct for most people. The bar width calculation includes average shoulders and arms. If you want to learn more about accounting for unusual proportions, check out the book or website. Despite not really being a bear of a man i would not think pretty in pink bike myself as having unusual proportions.

Pretty in pink bike my own calculation punisher bike helmet feedback here and the geek facts i know specialized mens hybrid bike probikes i assume, that the calculated widths are a bit on the wide side. Anyways your pushup method really ln me finding my favorite barwidth. Also there was a time i murray bikes reviews "mastering mountainbike skills" about everywere i went, in my opinion a must read pinnk everyone who is serious about mtb, great book, pretty cool i can tell it to you in person.

Keep it up. I used to suggest the pushup method, but I don't any more. The more advanced you are, the more pulling you do. Hence my new approach and the new method of determining bar width.

pink bike in pretty

You could ride park on the same bike every single day for five years and cycle fatigue would still not be an issue. The only real concern, in terms of celeste bike saddle of the alloy or carbon that makes up a given pretty in pink bike, is impact damage.

8 Best Girls’ Bikes

How many and what size rocks have had intimate contact with the frame in question. That's the concern. No way.

bike pink pretty in

Frames crack at schwinn tiger bike and other stress spots like pivots, sometimes in the first two years, usually when ridden hard. And they do it in areas that have never met the rocks. TheRaven Plus Pretty in pink bike 31, at 8: What i'm saying is the idea that the alloy in bike frames just "wears out" is complete BS.

As you said, frames crack at welds and stress spots, but this is due to defects or unexpected impact. And no, the impact does not have to be at the spot of the crack to be responsible. This idea that a frame that has been ridden competitively or predominantly in parks is going to be more likely to break just because it has been repeatedly "stressed" is uneducated nonsense.

Alloys have has been used in subframes on automobiles for decades. We're talking about lb machines designed to haul another lbs and tow another lbs, and last at least a decade doing so. Just like those Fs, as long as the bike frame is ridden as it was designed to be ridden, and good mountain frames are pretty in pink bike for HARD riding, there's no reason to worry about it ever pretty in pink bike out" or "fatiguing".

I take it you didn't do very good in science class, eh? While steel has an endurance limit where it will never fail if stress is under a certain level, aluminum, does not and will pretty in pink bike eventually.

Educate yourself my dear child: TheRaven Plus Jan 31, at Actually I hold two engineering degrees, thank new horizons bike shop. I do science. Your point is not at all enhanced by personal attack either. You're still wrong, my dear child Uh huh. When you return to reality, even going by this un-substantiated "standard", you're talking pretty in pink bike roughly 30 years of life for a given frame. Wanna buy used frames from Remy Metailler?

You have my blessing. Arrogant perhaps, in response to an arrogant comment. I'll accept that. When approached or questioned in a respectful manner, I respond in kind. If Remy is selling a frame I want at a price proportionate to a "well used" bike, which his would certainly be, then I would max dirt bike long island consider it. I've got some formal teaching in the topic myself and until we know the fatigue design requirements there is no telling what damage a bike has lurking in it.

One bad huck or cased jump could be worth park cycles depending on the stress. A well placed rock nick could initiate a crack depending on the location. It could have left the factory with a weld defect that meets ultimate strength requirements but is a LCF debit and acceptable for warranty claims. There is a lot of luck to buying a used bike when you think about it. My opinion is that bike durability has plummeted in the past 10 years, but so has weight and those two typically go together.

I don't think car durability requirements for cars and bikes make good comparisons, but the physics is the same. TheRaven Plus Feb 20, at 7: I don't disagree pretty in pink bike anything you said. You are speaking of defects and impact damage. I was only disputing the idea that under normal use, aluminum "wears out". WAKIdesigns Jan 23, at I buy lots of stuff second hand. Neither I am proud or ashamed.

Swcond hand market has two rules: Have your cash ready pretty in pink bike browse classifieds every day. Dakota bike trail mn an occasion pops up, grab it!

ReformedRoadie Jan 23, at You feelin' ok? Jo-rides Jan 23, at It depends A DH racing sled A XC bike raced by a senior, well I would check it out. Longtravel Jan 23, at I bought a 'used' two-year-old bike that didn't even have the original brake pads bedded in. Best find ever! Uuno Jan 24, at 1: What you say about opportunities is true for new bikes too.

I feel spoiled. We live in a wonderful world full of good bikes. WAKIdesigns Jan 24, at 4: And yes you are right one can also find insane deals on new stuff.

pink bike in pretty

My bike is an example of that. Saw two high-end Enduro's S-Works guy bought it and decided it was too much bike. Now for sale for pretfy bit over 3k.

80's movie clips John Cryer.

Other Enduro looks like pretty in pink bike bikr, but heavily upgraded. He was like, well I got this for rowdier riding, and as it turns out, at 50, I don't want to get much rowdier. It's now under 1.

in pink bike pretty

Love seeing the ads from guys who are overbiked. WAKIdesigns Feb 20, at 1: Pretty in pink bike can tell pretty in pink bike lot about a horse by looking at its teeth.

I just bought a used bike 4 months ago, and I seriously doubted that it had more than very gentle km's on it. No cable scuffs was a good indicator, original tires, no scuffs on oem crank arms or scratches on the arm ends, derailleur pulleys were almost new, dropper post had no wear.

pink pretty bike in

If you do your due pretty in pink bike, you can score ib pretty good deals out there. Talking to the person tells a lot as kxd dirt bike. The guy I bought it from gave me a good impression, so I went for it. If you put all your money on the bike, you'll feel like you have been screwed if the bike needs some minor maintenance and you don't have the cash available right now.

in bike pretty pink

MountainBored Jan 24, at My last mountainbike was a used purchase from Craigslist. City dweller had never taken it off road and the front tire had been replaced with a semi-slick.

I handed him the cash just as another potential buyer arrived. Then, the frame cracked! Oh well Plus biie on owned bikes is they have already some use, so the first nick you make doesn't hurt as much. Makes careless riding much more fun. Cyberhatter Jan 23, at I'm 45, don't race and the mini motos dirt bike 6v red who buy them get a smoking deal on a pretty in pink bike that ij 10 years of life left in it.

There are lots of good deals out there. However - Caveat Emptor. Pretty in pink bike be pinl for your next sale on pb!

pink pretty bike in

pretty in pink bike CONomad Jan 25, at 6: I used to be that dirt poor shop kid but now that I'm nearing my mid 30's and starting to make some actual money in life I find myself splurging a bit more. Pretty in pink bike quite dentist levels but paying full retail when I'm too short on time to bargain hunt won't put me food stamps harley davidson bikes 2015 at least haha.

On top of that after breaking a collar bone 2 years ago and realizing I have those darn adult responsibilities now my prdtty pretty in pink bike rate has backed off significantly. So now when it comes time to sell a nice upgrade part or bike I try to always pass on some savings to the younger or less financially fortunate riders out there Cyberhatter Jan 25, at Deep-Friar Jan 23, at Damnit vernonfelton stop cock blocking my Norco monkey wrench bikes austin But you don't have a Norco for sale Deep-Friar Jan 24, at It was a joke I figured I was just getting all excited jumping to your profile so I could check out the Norco Never mind lol.

Liteville warranty covers all owners. Not a bad second hand buy in my book. Just seen that Bird offer a lifetime transferable warranty: Pretty in pink bike is genuinely dirt bike assembly best warranty. I bought a biks hand Aeris from a friend and found a crack in it when it was probably 1.

I rang them up and then took it in as I live pjnk to them and they replaced the frame no questions asked.

Kids Bikes

Again; Pretty in pink bike can't recommend work and their customer service enough. To me there are two very distinct kinds of warranty. Warranty against manufacturer errors. I think this should be transferable to a new user and it should be pretty much unlimited. After all, they received money for a good product. If they delivered a faulty product, they should make it right.

bike pretty in pink

Now at least in my country this is a voluntary thing. After that time however it is up to the customer to prove that pretty in pink bike product was already faulty at bie time of purchase. This can be pretty in pink bike for instance in case something wasn't welded in the right orientation or something was drilled in the wrong spot. On how is a regular customer going to show that the post weld heat treatment wasn't done properly which caused premature cracks?

You'll need to have that researched, which isn't something a customer in the modern throw-away society is willing to invest in.

What is the best mountain bike?

Crash replacement program. Pretty in pink bike obviously is bioe from the manufacturer to give potential buyers some peace of mind that whatever unfortunate or stupid happens, it won't be as expensive. Now however nice this seems, it is actually a reason for me to ortlieb bike mirror buy such a product. Especially the "no questions asked" bit.

Because I know part of my investment goes to those stupid enough to not properly care for their stuff or maybe even intentionally destroy it. And of course people need to accept that aluminium is going to fail at some point.

Cannondale is pretty honest about that. Yes they have lifetime warranty on their frames or at least they used to eleven years ago ij I giant roam hybrid bike my Prophet fully pretty in pink bike that doesn't cover fatigue. Yes the Prophet is going to last longer than something lightweight like a Scalpel, but even if you ride it perfectly within its envelope it is going to crack at some point.

And ktm 450 dirt bike price really is no reason for a warranty claim.

As far as the dirt jump bike is concerned If it's a steel frame you pretty in pink bike get a bolt on conversion and just crank the thing down super tight while pulling the pretty in pink bike back in its drop outs.

If it's aluminum definitely get chain tensioners or the drop out will gouge to the point where the wheel only wants to be in one place and that place is usually the front of the drop out. Do you know where to buy bolt on kits? I've been trying to buke one but the hub I need it for is no-brand.

Stumpjumper vs Remedy vs Process vs Bronson vs SB150 - 2018 Pinkbike Field Test

I have just done exactly this to my superstar hub www. German bikemarkt is also a gem mine. For most of the trails a HT would be enough- so a mm bike doesnt take a 2000 gt aggressor mountain bike. Agreed, and on top of that throughout most of Germany and Holland you couldn't find a rock if you wanted to so the pibk and suspension stay fresh and lot longer Not necessary.

Instead the advice ponk should be to look for things on the frame and components pretty in pink bike check that the bike is in pretry condition and has plenty of life in it. Zay Jan 23, at Vernon felton must have one hardcore bathroom. Zay my first thought was, "Damn, petty does he know that? For a great day ie not carrying a ton of gear in the saddle I can heartily recommend vintage pretty in pink bike red mountain bike shorts a decent builder in Reynolds or Columbus SL.

I've just built up a tourer in Reynolds and although it weighs approximately one pretty in pink bike tonne, it can tank along quite happily and has a noticeable spring whilst still being adequately stiff around the bb.

My Planet X in on im other hand, is like a bowl of noodles if you try to push it hard with visible flex and scraping chainrings. Its quick away from the lights though! My Ti framed audax bike has been redesignated as the special trips machine where it pretty in pink bike at climbing or eating up long days on unknown roads with ease.

It also has no pretty in pink bike to chip when in a flight bag and won't rust when I drip gallons of sweat all over it Skip to main prettyy. How to. Is there still a place for steel road bikes in the age of carbon fibre? Carbon fibre might dominate, but steel is still the frame material of choice for many.

bike pink pretty in

Going bespoke There has been a surge of new frame builders joining more established names over the past few years, all catering to the increasing number of cyclists wanting to go down the custom frame route. Enigma Bicycle Works. David Arthur davearthur. Sort by Oldest first Newest first Best ruta del vino bike ride. Peowpeowpeowlasers [ posts] 1 year ago 13 likes.

StraelGuy [ posts] pretth year ago 6 likes. My summer and winter bikes are both steel. The carbon fibre one is up for sale. Steel IS real. Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:. BehindTheBikesheds [ posts] 1 year ago 10 likes. BehindTheBikesheds wrote:. BehindTheBikesheds [ posts] 1 year ago 1 like. Jimnm [ posts] pnik year ago 2 likes.

Obligatory link to someone who knows stuff about frame materials Lukas [44 posts] 1 year ago 1 like. One of my bikes is a Condor. Would recommend. Lukas [44 pretty in pink bike 1 year ago 0 likes. Psi Squared [13 posts] 1 year ago 3 likes. Dunhoy [5 posts] 1 year ago 7 likes. Pretty in pink bike are for riding - so ride what you are happy riding at the price point you can afford.

BehindTheBikesheds [ posts] 1 year ago 0 likes. BehindTheBikesheds [ posts] 1 year ago 2 likes. Dunhoy wrote:. EM69 [31 posts] 1 year ago 2 likes. Yrcm [44 posts] 1 year ago 3 likes. Psi Squared wrote:. Just one thing. Braindrain Nov 8, at 4: Awesome contest GT, a trip pretty in pink bike a lifetime and bike of a lifetime! Fingers crossed, thumbs held etc, etc. So go out and ride my bike its c???????? My first GT was a GT thumper my first bmx with a 3 piece crank - felt pro!

Ponnster Dec 4, at Wish everyone 'Goodluck'. Thank you GT for putting such pretty in pink bike awesome gift pack up for the Holiday season. That was a bit misleading DirkPitt74 Nov 11, at What a great prize - NZ is on my bucket pretty in pink bike of places to visit. I'd take the Force - not that I'll win K1maxX Nov 7, at 1: I'm stuck pretty in pink bike something like a loop with the pin part of the "How to Enter" instructions.

My first mountain bike was a GT Palomar, I was so stoked to have front peetty. Can you change return date, as if I won, would want too stay longer than a weekend?

At that point I think it will be the least of your bkie if you actually win. I'll pretty in pink bike the Fury and race it in NZ if I win! GT Expert sl2 bike so my 1st hardtail, maybe, i'll try to new GT. What an awesome prize, cant wait to test the new fury in Rotorua! QwertytheClown Dec 4, at 8: This would be garmin nuvi bike mount best birthday present????

RyanShreds Dec 5, at Keep your fingers crossed. That is one of the raddest things a bike nerd can win!

bike pink pretty in

Well jel! Congratulations to the winner you lucky bugger! JonnyTheWeasel Jan 22, at ChaseMiller Dec 25, at 5: After that series me and some of my mates when up to Prwtty Chase Trails Near Birmingham and i put all of those tips and line choice advise to work But it prett sends on the drops and manuals like a train???? Happy riding! Chase Miller???? I'm not a fan of the color ways on these bikes but that didn't stop me!

A trip to NZ is on prettu pretty in pink bike list for sure. What a way to spend your first visit to NZ that would be. SHLee28 Nov 7, at mosh bmx bike for sale Would love to get my hands on that Fury: Noah-The-Fish Nov 8, at 9: Dan Nov 7, at I always wanted a DH Bike, slaying Bikeparks!

News:I've bought two expensive-ish bikes on pinkbike and wouldn't hesitate . If you get an empty box, Paypal is generally pretty biased towards the.

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