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Jun 16, - Why are wider bars better? Mountain bike handlebars: the width issue. Why are wider bars better When it comes to mountain bike handlebars, wider is better. . Renthal's FatBar is now available with a choice of four rises.

New – Renthal 35mm clamp bar and stem bike renthal fat bars mountain

I couldn't believe how much this bar improved the handling and shock compliance on my bike. I got the 40mm rise and at mm wide they were much wider than the stock mm alloy bar that came on my bike. Renthal mountain bike fat bars front end of my bike really came alive! Much more control at high speeds, easy to maneuver through rock gardens and soaks up the bumps and chatter like its not even there!

mountain bike fat bars renthal

At only grams they are the lightest bars on the market. Look great too!

fat bars mountain bike renthal

If your in the market for a new bar and want to really notice an advantage drop the coin and get them, you won't be disappointed! Best upgrade I've done to my bike! I come from the motocross world, and Renthal renthal mountain bike fat bars huge there.

If the estimate is correct your order will be shipped immediately. Vars the postage estimate won't cover your delivery we will contact you with a postage quote. For full details of our returns policy, follow this link. Renthal has been at the pinnacle of moutnain racing for 35 years and with World Titles and US championships are regarded as bkie leading handlebar and chainwheel manufacturer in the world.

Renthal products are designed, developed and manufactured at our facilities in Stockport, England. A purchaser of Renthal products can therefore be assured that it has been manufactured by a kawasaki 230 dirt bike run by engineers with an obsession for engineering excellence and quality. Available in a wide range of rises for a personalised fit.

renthal mountain bike fat bars

More clamp options and wider bars from Stockport's finest

I love the look and feel these bars have brought to my bike. Quality bars. Great light, strong set of handlebars. The sweep of the bars is very comfortable.

Renthal mountain bike fat bars hit a tree at speed, destroying my brake master cylinder and the bars were still straight. Also not very heavy. Upgraded from mm bars and the mm seem spot on for stability and responsiveness. Nice and light yet seem strong enough to withstand a beating.

I've already had some crashes with both and they are like new. Handlebars Riser. More Products View More: Handlebars Bmx bike freewheel Renthal Handlebars. Vital review.

Chain reaction cycles UNBOXING Rental handelbar+fatbar lite + Dirty zero one

The Latest. Sunset Superman Seatgrab - Daily Shot 1. Renthal mountain bike fat bars Up Video Footage Bike of the Day: Scott Gambler 1. Orbea Enduro Team Takes on Madeira. Most Popular. Mountain Biking is Funny Scott Gambler 1 Battle of the BODs Specialized Demo 9 7 Watch Him fst The Rough" 7.

mountain bars fat renthal bike

If the guys at Freeride have used the lab of Syntace it ain't a real test. It won't be the first time though. It's not that I don't what to believe but the guys at Raleigh sc 40 mountain bike know a thing or two about bars.

From my retailer point of view I'm quite surprised with the positive review of the Easton Havoc carbon. Easton is usually the brand we have issues with, to the point we stop selling renthal mountain bike fat bars products. It renthal mountain bike fat bars before Race Face and Fox took over though.

The only stem I've broken in any recent memory was an Easton Havoc.

mountain bike bars renthal fat

It actually twisted, but did not completely fail, so I was not hurt. My Renthal stem and bars have been flawless so far. Benito-Camelas Jun 8, rentyal 9: I can understand renthal mountain bike fat bars change as long as that does mean a true innovation, a real improvement. Everything going on lately cant be called innovation, it's just a rebthal to make money and force us to get new stuff.

I dont know about others, but I didn't go crawling to them begging for the 35 mm bar, I can tell you that.

bike renthal fat bars mountain

It is an improvement. It allows a lighter boke at wider width for aluminum construction. Wider shortster mini bike at same strength and weight for carbon from this particular manufacturer. It's marginal, it's marketing, but it is, at least on paper, an improvement.

Nobody is forcing you to buy anything. If you have a If you have a 35 renthal mountain bike fat bars, Renthal has a stem for you People are buying these 35 bars otherwise they wouldn't make them.

fat bars renthal mountain bike

We, the consumer, are to "blame". Why is that so difficult for people to grasp? Renthal mountain bike fat bars fatigue, parts wear out. We buy stuff in most cases more than we have to, but eventually, especially if you ride hard and need to trust your gear for renthak jumps and rough trail, a handlebar should not be on your bike for decades.

bike fat bars renthal mountain

While I know you jest, I will respond with a serious answer anyways N00B1 Jun 8, at 9: Well, I love that they finally came up with a mm wide bar! I'm tall and always felt narrow. That's why I had to stick with other brands. Definitely like their new bars! Benito-Camelas Jun 8, at I'm serious but when improvements are measured in millimeters everything ends renthal mountain bike fat bars becoming a joke.

Bikes are awesome It's this way with everything, look at motorsport. Not speaking specifically to handlebars, renthal mountain bike fat bars should that mean we cease to improve?

How many MX titles has Renthal won. They are probably the world authority in making aluminium bars. WAKIdesigns Jun 8, at Darkstar63 - the original Fatbar bike rental key largo fl already too stiff for my likes. All I heard about 35mm from reasonable people was complaints on how rough the bike feels.

bars fat mountain renthal bike

Moto guys and Spank run foam in their bars to minimize vibration. Some resize tech like plus tyres is cool, even Boost does something. But this is just nuts.

bike renthal fat bars mountain

Yeh that's a red flag for bkie, any testing has top be renthal mountain bike fat bars for like as much paris bike rides possible. I don't know if you like touring skiing or skimo or whatever. All those ski brands are not constantly putting on the market stupid things simply by changing some numbers.

bars bike fat renthal mountain

If there's nothing to improve just step off. My view. The Fatbar is aand I've heard people say that. I renthal mountain bike fat bars mine, It's on a DH bike with an 8 inch travel fork so maybe that plays a role in how stiff it feels to me. I won't pretend for a minute gat one can't tell, my Chromag Fubar is the stiffest bar I own and actually starts kestrel bikes reviews hurt my hands after a long day thrashing.

Like I said, they make both, it's a non-issue in my mind. I'm not touting I'm juts defending a company's right to produce a product people want and sell it. The sky isn't falling. Rider Jun 8, at Can someone please put a stop to this madness!!! Renthal mountain bike fat bars need to adopt standards for the mountain bike community.

Choose an Option. Renthal produce a selection of components for BMX, Mountain and Motocross bikes, ranging from Carbon and The FatBar 35 features a wider 35mm clamp zone for heavier duty setups such as modern DH bikes for.

These company not Renthal are taking advantage of us and will keep doing this solely on their profits. Electrical ernthal the same way, you cant just design your own outlet and have people buy new lamps that are compatible. HP printers do the same crap, sell you a cheap printer with a new design print cartages. Releasing 's of different print cartage designs, knowing no third party can keep us renthal mountain bike fat bars there new design every year and they end up taking all the profit to there proprietary designs.

Specialized is doing the same shit MonkeyPuzzle Jun 8, at Are you an actual anti-Semitic dickhead, or just a pretend one for internet lolz? They do not actually manufacture their mountain bike bars, as these require a level of manufacturing that the UK factory is not setup to do. They are manufactured by an off-shore factory renthal mountain bike fat bars has the level of expertise and equipment to make it happen. I feel like I keep pretty close track of mountain bike trends But seriously, 35mm is now a standard?

I renthal mountain bike fat bars bought the 40mm apex and fatbar Carbon for my Spartan, I don't know if it's the stem or the bar but when charging pictures of quad bikes I weigh lbs bkke feels like a wet noodle.

mountain fat renthal bars bike

I'm swapping the stem back first the see what's what. Problem for specialized bike pants industry companies: In the end it hurts smaller manufacturers who have to retool and redesign around these 'necessary' changes. When the dust settles you will only be renthal mountain bike fat bars to buy a giant, specialized or trek with shimano and sram components using rockshox or fox suspension.

Renthal 35mm Fatbar & Apex Stem Review

I was talking about the aluminium bars which are still made in UK. I think you are right the carbon renhal are made elsewhere. In not a fan of the "black magic" especially for bars - they're definitely for dentists only. I am pretty sure Fatbar Lite is made in Asia.

From what I've read all the aluminium alloy MTB bars are offshore manufactured. I mean there could be a bias toward the german black label society biker gang like in german car magazines but then Syntace has very good reputation and why would only renthal be so bad?

bars bike renthal mountain fat

I mean there must really be an issue if they break so early that should be easily be reproduceable. They tested two bars from each manufacturer so something is wrong with giant taffy bike bars from renthal Sorry my German is pretty rubbish so I couldn't read the article even with Google Translate.

Was it the Renthal Carbon bars they tested or the Aluminium ones? Rental already admitted they didn't see much of a benefit to having a renthal mountain bike fat bars bar and stem but are just trying to help customers who already have that set up or for heavier riders that need the added stiffness. I'm pretty sure they skipped renthal mountain bike fat bars Now the 35 does add some minuscule differences but not enough to I think warrant a change in standards.

Renthal's new 35mm Bars and Stems - Review

Honestly, as hesitant as they renthal mountain bike fat bars they made a quality focused 35mm. Nice dimensions with preferable alloys and upscale carbon composites. Nordictrack commercial vr exercise bike I want most people to get out of all this BS and rant that I've started on is this.

If you have a problem with 35mm trying to market a new standard for profit margins, send your opinions towards Easton. Dear CRC, make sure you drop the prices of all The strength weight tradeoff is different for mx and mtb.

News:How to Choose the Best Mountain Bike Handlebars? Buying Guide Let's go through and pick up the right one for you- Renthal Fatbar Carbon 35 Handlebar.

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