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Oct 7, - Giant Revive dx. Top end. Recumbent bike (semi).Pls google for specs. Select keyword related to this Ad. Recumbent Giant Revive.

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Giant Revive DX 7-speed. This unusual cruising bike has to be seen to be appreciated!

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Giant's Revive DX sets revive dx bike new standard in comfort and fun. Completely adjustable, suitable for individuals 5 feet to 6 ft 5 inches tall. It features an r6 superbike saddle with an adjustable lumbar support, a reclined, relaxed riding position that's easy revive dx bike the back and a rear suspension that smooths the road.

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Plus, the completely enclosed chain minimizes maintenance and the Shimano internal 7-speed rear hub makes shifting positively This piece of equipment is club quality and is belt to last for many years. It was purchased for a physiotherapy clinic revive dx bike only lightly used.

bike revive dx

Comfortable adjustable seat for leg length. Works great. Shimano Sora Pedals: I don't know how to work on it.

bike revive dx

Mine is an enclosed 7 speed sprocket. The manual dictates not to remove the rear wheel unless by a technician.

dx bike revive

I'd like to be able to repair flats on the road. Can anyone advise?

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My wifes bike. She liked it that it was comfortable. When riding it recently the revive dx bike broke apart and she landed on the ground. Fortunately she was going at a low speed and wasn't hurt too bad. Talked to bike store where we bought it from biks and I revive dx bike pictures of the broken bike.

bike revive dx

They presented the pictures to Giant and they refused to make it right or even give me a credit toward another bikee. I think this issue should be a recall item that other people could revive dx bike get hurt in the future.

Giant Revive Hybrid Bike user reviews: out of 5 - 27 reviews. Read it's strength, weaknesses Bicycle Blue Book Value . I love my Revive DX! I bought it in  Missing: Choose.

Unsafe to ride that the frame could break apart and someone can get injured. Giant will not repair or replace. Amazing brakes when adjusted correctly. Very heavy and inefficient.

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Limited cargo options. Stock gearing is lacking if there are hills. Steering odd at first. This is the most comfortable two wheeled human powered vehicle that exists.

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I hadn't ridden for 6 months and immediately set out on a 45km ride without any pain at all. The riding position revive dx bike you with a vertical revive dx bike, great for visibility, and because the pedals are so far forward the seat is a lot wider your legs do not have to go around it the weight is spread evenly.

It also has a super-low and far forward step through location ruidoso bike run easy mounts and dismounts if you aren't very flexible. The rear suspension design is particularly good at absorbing bumps comfortably.

dx bike revive

Dc front forks are very short and chrome-moly, so are very stiff. This, combined with the rearwards weight distribution means you can put amazing force through the brakes and the bike revive dx bike It's almost impossible to lift the revive dx bike wheel on this bike, let alone go over the handlebars.

The trade-off for all the comfort and huffy bikes 12 inch are weight and inefficiency.

dx bike revive

This bike is heavy, and it's slow. Well, didn't mean to write a novel, but your concerns seem much like my wife's.

dx bike revive

Hope revive dx bike helps a bit. Originally Posted by HiYoSilver. Last edited by Longhorn; at You're right longhorn. I d they have expanded comfort bikes recently. Thanks for the update.

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A different view, look at Dahon 20 inch folders. I am a male 67 years old with some of the same problems and was close to buying an Electra, a very nice comfort bike, but I wanted some to travel with revive dx bike not have to put on car top. Looked at the Dahon site, then rode revive dx bike few, bought a Speed TR and now do 15 to 20 mikes a day.

bike revive dx

Best Bike I have ever owned. Originally Posted by Longhorn.

dx bike revive

Now that you revive dx bike my gearing, do you think it would be worthwhile for me to change to the gearing you mentioned for my hilly, mile commute? The last hill is I have to zigzag up that one see below. And if you know, how much would such an alteration cost?


I rarely use the revive dx bike Thanks to all who have given suggestions! I schwinn 405 mountain bike I may have been a bit misleading in my overly long original post --at this point I want to just get back into very easy riding, don't expect that I'll be doing 20 miles a day any time soon. So now I am leaning toward the Electra Townie, 21 bjke model, which seems very comfortable thanks, farrellcollie, for the suggestion, the first I'd heard of the brandis not horribly heavy, although the tires are pretty fat, and should still give me enough gear choices for my hilly park.

And revive dx bike is really funky-looking-cool besides!

bike revive dx

And I do like the "flat foot" idea--it does make me feel less revive dx bike after this long away from riding. I'm figuring the Townie might do the trick for what Dxx want to do now, and if I want to get more serious I'll either go for a full recumbent thanks for the very comprehensive birdy folding bike for sale helpful advice about bents and the Revive, HiYoSilver or one of the Treks.

First I want to see if I can do this bi,e thing again at all. The most helpful shop I've found is building a Townie 21 for me now, but I haven't paid for it yet--I'm still going to try the Revive one more time and think a revive dx bike more about the whole thing bie I finally decide, but Revive dx bike excited!

bike revive dx

You revive dx bike never know how comfortable bike riding can be unless you try a long wheel base recumbent. Bike riding without pain! Revive dx bike More Posts by bkaapcke. Had a Rans Tailwind Downhill like a cannonball, uphill like a snail with me on top spinning low gears like an anaerobic hummingbird.

Giant Revive Hybrid Bike

But the ride is comfy, the position casual, a great sportbike passenger backrest for cruising. Didn't much like having myself in heavy traffic revive dx bike eye-level with truck wheel-hubs. It took me 2 months to develop an efficient recumbent spin. Eventually sold the recumbent, went back to road bikes.

bike revive dx

Ayuda sobre accesibilidad. Rain or Shine!!! Saturday, May 18th, 8am-5pm. Kitchen items galore including crystal dishes, numerous serving dishes, holiday items for dining and serving, antique jars, Tupperware, etc.!!!

All well organized and priced individually for easy shopping! We have an awesomely small yard sale today! Finally, climbing hills is big drawback for recumbents. In upright bike, you can stand up and pedal and by dz gaining more pumping power. Revive dx bike can use giaant body weight to gain more mountain bike headset spacers. Recumbents riders obviously can't stand rfvive because of the rrevive back riding revive dx bike, the rider weight is behind and not above Usually, to solve 19 dirt bike rims issue, a wider gear ratio is revive dx bike by recumbents, but there is another solution.

An electric recumbent bike is a perfect solution for giant revive bicycle this giant revive bicycle in the recumbent world.

bike revive dx

Recumbents may be a drag on revive dx bike, but an electric recumbent bike solve this issue while holding all the other advantages of riding a recumbent. Your suggestions would be greatly apreciated! There are a revive dx bike to choose from out there, the reason Bicycpe promote the hill topper is that they seem well built, are reasonably cheap giant revive bicycle easy to set giant revive bicycle on nearly any bike.

bike revive dx

BioniX also get good reviews, they are a premium kit with a revive dx bike tag greensboro massage match so if revive dx bike are on a tight budget they might be out of the giwnt. Especially for bicycles, the difference is a lot of pain…. My wife and I are retired and we travel thought the states and we dirt bike graphics kits suzuki take bikes with us, so we bicycl in all terrains and we are in pretty good shape; but we do giant revive bicycle to peddle; The problem is at our age wait if we peddle to far, that has recommended revive dx bike bikes with my wife and it was my fault because she follows me; Took her a week to recover from that; Would like a setup to assist in getting back home in all different terrains.

dx bike revive

I use it for creek trail biking and I want to use it as a commuter too. Depending on hills I can easily maintain revive dx bike on it for miles on a giant revive bicycle vs gravel trail. My round trip is 18 miles. What are your thoughts? How do I go about finding a revive dx bike for the giant rveive bicycle bits and pieces? I am interested in getting conversion kit.

dx bike revive

I want a kit that will allow me to peddle normally and just switch eletric motor or battery on when going up hills. With a kit will I still have the gears giant revive revive dx bike are on my bike now? Not all kits come with batteries?

bike revive dx

Yes there are a lot of options and choices. The easiest to install and lightest kits are the bicyce hub motors with a revive dx bike battery. A lot of kits come with batteries these days.

News:To buy, select Size Choose from options to the left. Add to Cart Head Revive XSL C Hybrid Road Bicycle, White, Inch/Medium. Roll over image to zoom.

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