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10 SPEED -S-Juuiiuu VARSITY SPORT • 10 Speed Sprint Derailleur! * Front and rear handbrakes! Terms THE BIKE WITH SPORTS CAR STYLING! best on the road, choose a smart new Schwinn, like the 10 speed Schwinn Varsity Sport.

The Schwinn Varsity

How about the shifters? When you say brakes: Brake levers - are you going to replace them with aero levers and cross levers? Are you wanting brifters?

10 speed varsity bike schwinn

Shifting - do want indexed, stem mounted, bar-cons, brifters? Saddles are a personal thing, what kind does you friend like?

10 schwinn bike varsity speed

Consider a tune up: He informed me that everything on the bike is the same as it was when it schwinn varsity 10 speed bike out of the factory. I will upload pictures when I get home. Cerra Wrote: I was told if I want to quick 4 bike the crankset that I would need this.

If you do all that it's no longer a Schwinn Varsity, will cost times as much as an equivalent used bike, will still weigh in excess of 35 lbs, giant taffy bike if you aren't replacing the tires it will have steel rims that are unsafe when wet, so please what is the point? It would be better to shine it up and hang it on the wall for sentiment and spend the money on a much, much safer and better operating bike.

The Varsity was not even a terribly good schwinn varsity 10 speed bike speed - just bombproof. GeorgeET Veteran Member. Apr Here is a link to Schwinn catalogs, you can find the bike there.

speed 10 schwinn bike varsity

I agree re loosing the double brakes and the stem shifters. You can get a schwinn varsity 10 speed bike of down tube shifters appropriate to the era. I like Bel Rey. New cables and a seat, tires, rim liner, tubes. Look at Nashbar site for seats.

Bike Gears calculator

Do not get a big cushy springy one they do not work well. I like the Terry leather Liberator.

bike speed varsity schwinn 10

If servicing it does not work, you can just replace the bottom schwinn varsity 10 speed bike with say a Shimano UN 54 or other. This I suggest to be done at a shop as tools are needed. Maybe a DIY bike shop in schwonn area. Find More Posts by Aubergine. Liked 8 Times in 7 Posts.

varsity speed schwinn bike 10

Look for one of those. Find More Posts by jefnvk. Liked 20 Times in 20 Posts. Your Trek hybrid will do everything better than a Varsity.

speed schwinn bike 10 varsity

Find More Posts by dedhed. Liked 35 Times in 18 Posts. In your area you can always sell and get your money back if you tire of it.

varsity speed schwinn bike 10

Find More Posts by AlmostTrick. Originally Posted by jefnvk. I'm the same size as you and am always on the lookout for a small frame Schwinn. Both of my parents are from Chicago so it was always the joke in schwinn varsity 10 speed bike household motard pit bikes my parents would not buy my a Schwinn!

Find More Posts by twodownzero. Originally Posted by HTupolev. An old Varsity should do fine, if we're talking steady riding on flat ground. Well, the Varsity was Schwinn's lowest-end road bike. They were built fairly bombproof, but also on the cheap, and the result is that they're crazy heavy. These things tend to weigh in at like pounds. Don't expect it to feel very sprightly or climb well. Expect steep climbs to be especially dubious on the stock gearing, since the lowest gears on most older road bikes aren't particularly low.

Varsitys were sold down to pretty small sizes, since they schwinn varsity 10 speed bike primarily marketed toward youth.

varsity speed schwinn bike 10

bikr Liked 24 Times in 18 Posts. The Varsity is like a Chevy Biscayne I bought an old Varsity in to fix up and tinker with instead of my main commuter.

The Varsity was a pig. Riding a singlespeed can help bring giant sedona bikes for sale the unfettered joy you experienced riding your bike as a child. You don't realize how much mental energy you devote to shifting until you relinquish your derailers, and discover that a whole corner of your brain that was formerly wondering when to shift is now free to enjoy your surroundings and sensations.

A singlespeed bike dispenses with the weight of the derailers, shifters, cables, extra sprockets. They are also considerably more sturdy and reliable than multispeed bikes. Quality Singlespeed can be expensive. For this reason it's not uncommon for people to convert their old road bikes. Conversions like these are a lot of work, but are a much cheaper alternative to buying new, and can be very fun and rewarding.

For this guide I'll be explaining the full process of converting a road bike. This includes disassembling frame, doing a full paint job, and lastly reassembling it with the necessary parts. For schwinn varsity 10 speed bike lot of the build we'll be recycling old parts from your original bicycle. Zchwinn addition most of the tools we'll be using are fairly standard and you probably have already, but some tools are bicycle specific and need schwinn varsity 10 speed bike be bought separately.

Schwinn Road Bikes

If all goes well, we'll be left with schwinn varsity 10 speed bike practically new Singlespeed for half the price of buying one, and we'll have learned a lot of things along the way.

If schwinn varsity 10 speed bike are looking for an inexpensive way to get into singlespeed riding, you may want to consider starting with schwinn varsity 10 speed bike older road bike.

If you are not sure what to look for, there are many articles online. The most important part of any bicycle is the frame. For a Singlespeed, most any road bike frame will do, oak bike rack there are a few things to consider. The dropout on a frame is the slot that the rear wheel slides into.

Because of how the chain tension on a Singlespeed bike works, only frames with horizontal or semi-horizontal dropouts are acceptable. Second, it's very important that you pick a frame size that is right for your body type. A good frame should be short enough to easily get on and off, but tall enough so that you don't have to stretch your legs to pedal.

If you're still having trouble figuring out what size is right for you here is a calculator that will help. If the bike has the gt zone bike 27 " wheels, you don't have to replace the 27 " wheels because Tiresand rimsare still available for this size.

But where do you find a bike to convert?

How to Change Gears on a Schwinn Bike

For this guide I'll be restoring an old road bike I found after purges of the private housing cooperative's bicycle storage. You should try visiting garage sales or browsing craigslist in search of a project bike.

You might also consider converting a road bike you already own.

varsity bike schwinn 10 speed

Using the tools above remove genesis road bike walmart carefully e13 bike schwinn varsity 10 speed bike everything. It might also be a good idea to put nuts and bolts from different parts of the bike into labeled bags. This is because we'll be reusing a lot of these old parts, so be careful not to lose anything.

If your old bike has not had any work done on it recently, then you should also check and schwinn varsity 10 speed bike as needed:. Now that you've removed everything from your bike take a minute bi,e asses the quality of your frame before moving onto the next step. As you can see the paint on this frame is a little bit worn and frankly I'm not too fond of the color. Spred of this I have no problem with varslty it. However, if you're converting a newer bike into a road bike you might find that the paint on your frame is hardly worn at all.

bike schwinn speed varsity 10

In that case, unless you varaity despise the color I would recommend against repainting the frame. Because my riding buddies these days are my dogs, not my mates. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Are older road bike parts compatible with newer standards?

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How do older and newer bikes match up performance wise? Ask Question.

speed bike varsity 10 schwinn

I'm not an expert on this, but upgrading would need a lot work. The axle length of the older bikes are also shorter because the cassettes only have 5 speeds compared to modern cassettes which have speeds.

With a 70's bike, you'd have to schwinn varsity 10 speed bike the frame among schwinn varsity 10 speed bike things to bring it up to use things from today. You're way better off buying a newer bike if you want to make any modifications. The diameter difference between 27" rims and c rims is 8 millimeters, being the c smaller, so if you put c rims on a bike designed for 27", the brake pads will ride 4 millimeters too high far from center. This is solved easily using long reach calipers.

The baja motorsports mini bike for sale axle length on the other hand is a more difficult issue. Only steel frames can be re-spaced, but that requires experience and some special tools.

The major bicycle parts manufacturers have arranged to "refresh" the technology about every 10 years whether it needs it or not.

10 schwinn bike varsity speed

Replacement parts for the older technologies are not unavailable, but they get more expensive and harder to find with each passing year.

If you have a bike in good condition that's over 20 years old it's probably worth keeping, but if you need to "fix shcwinn a year-old bike to use it then probably not.

RoboKaren Looking for a schwinn varsity 10 speed bike used bike is the right answer.

varsity speed bike 10 schwinn

Buy used, but not old. If you don't stick with it you can sell for a similar price. Schwinn Varsities had one-piece steel cranks that are NOT compatible with clipless pedals.

Step 2: Disassembly

I'm pretty sure that the bottom bracket for a Varsity won't take a bottom bracket for a non-one piece crank, so you can't put on cranks that would be compatible with clipless pedals. The Schwinn Varsity is a very durable bike for riding around town, but you can't really put modern parts on it. You can get a nice 80's or 90's steel frame and put clipless pedals and brifters on it. That's what I raced on in that era and up until ten years ago.

You'd be at miller lite bike slight disadvantage, but you could still podium in criteriums on such a bike.

It ain't the bike it's the motor. Yes, vvarsity is not my bike, but my wheel with old hub has mm schwinn varsity 10 speed bike and the tires are C.

Jun 16, - THAT SAID: Schwinn Varsitys were not a nice bike, they aren't worth the effort I've owned nothing but older bikes (road) since I resumed cycling better than using one that that has been used for the last 10 years. Schwinn varsity? My everyday choice of rides is a modest Specialized "city" bike that I.

My bike is early 90's, mm hub 7 speedfreehub, girls riding bike wheels.

I bought it new though: The wheels weren't the originals even before that, varaity were the same size. Buying a new bike might have been more rational than the upgrade though.

News:Find retro, vintage models, or purchase a chic new speed bike that is ready competitive cyclist, there are many top-notch brands and designs to pick from. BMC RaceMachine. Top speed Bicycles. 1. Schwinn Varsity. Schwinn.

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