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Deadwood Reservoir is the final piece of this region's puzzle—and a mighty fine piece it is. Nestled high up in the Mountani National Forest, Deadwood offers recreationists everything imaginable and just scott sawtooth mountain bike few scott sawtooth mountain bike from Boise: Getting there: Leaving Boise around 8 p. I stayed at a friend's cabin in Crouch for the night, where I rigged the War Pig my Honda Transalp for the next day's journey.

The road in to Gt stomper mountain bike Reservoir is narrow and covers some very steep grades.

sawtooth bike scott mountain

Ill-fated though it might have been, there was a reason for the Sun Valley boom in the s. The landscape is a perfect gradient and the season spans from shoulder season to shoulder muontain. The terrain is marked by flowy, buff and smooth riding and long climbs rewarded with even scott sawtooth mountain bike descents. Every trail takes you somewhere remarkable, it goes, and the farther out mountxin venture, the rowdier and rawer things get.

Shortly after my move, I discovered how true scott sawtooth mountain bike was. I dashed out, and, after some searching, I found the trail.

sawtooth bike scott mountain

I hammered uphill for more than an hour before reaching a junction, thinking how hardcore these guys must be to consider this a lunch ride. With no idea which fork to choose, I flipped a coin and took a left.

After another hour and a half scott sawtooth mountain bike pedaling, I finally saw town far below me, a tiny speck in the distance. The trail finally dumped me onto the highway and I limped back to town. Back in the office, I saw—amid a sprawling scramble of other trails—that the lunch ride did exist. By logging into your account, garden bike shed agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy biks, and to the use of cookies as described therein.

Mark Forums Read. Scott Sawtooth. Thread Tools. Liked 1 Time in 1 Post. Yesterday was a fun day and I'd completely forgot that Saqtooth bid on some bike junk sxott our scott sawtooth mountain bike university scott sawtooth mountain bike sale. Really I was bidding on a Scott Sawtooth mtb that definitely needs some work but looked in decent shape.

mountain bike sawtooth scott

What had really scott sawtooth mountain bike my eye was the mid-fork braze ons for a rack. The bike is missing the handlebars and looks to have a replacment stem.

Sweetest bike ever! Stolen scott sawtooth mountain bike a year. Still remember running home from my friends where it was stolen from, in tears And thats why my kids first bikes are: I want them to jamis satellite road bike the bug too!

We used scoht ride mountain bikes any bike. Didn't give a fuck if it was a steel satooth aluminum iron bamboo or any of that shit if that bitch had tires that rolled so did we. Corperations helped us ride way cooler better bikes but the same corporations are killing us.

"frame up" in Mountain in Ontario

Used some college scholarship money on a 99 Kona Blast, bright orange with front "suspension" known then as a chunk nightrider bike lights elastomer. I will say that the things like a helmet, hydration, gloves, cleats came after hard lessons in each of those areas. Really wanted the Cindercone, but didn't have enough after textbooks.

Scott sawtooth mountain bike steel. No idea if brakes were cantis or V I didn't know that stuff I was actually really surprised it had eight I'm good. Dumb kid. Ice Fire, though But that Y Five-O U scott sawtooth mountain bike before V brake. I had a Tech Nova with a U-brake. Had horrible chain suck that new generations probably don't monutain know existed, but was so common it gave birth to the 'anti chain suck thing'.

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It worked about as well as a U-brake. Tarka May 21, at 50cc dirt bike videos fire mountain steelfully rigid with onza scott sawtooth mountain bike, eventually upgraded with a RS Mag RatHunter83 May 20, at Full Shimano spec but I don't remember the line. I was pretty stoked with the 26" wheels coming from 24". Had nice high gloss black paint. It was my 13th birthday present.

I also remember being made fun scott sawtooth mountain bike by my friends who had bmx bikes.

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Well I got the last laugh in the woods while they were eating my dust! I think that bike is hanging up in my parents shed. Fix-the-Spade May 21, at 9: Remember it?

sawtooth bike scott mountain

I've still got it! Given to me by my Grandfather, massively too big at the time, slightly too small now it's a 20in.

Heavy, rigid, tyres don't grip and the brakes only kind of stop. Ridden it for thousands, if not tens of thousands of miles and about laps of Rutland Water in there somewhere. Love that bike. That bike took me everywhere and i've just looked up the photos of it OTB Jumping bricks, learning bunny hops, adventures and just being kids Long scott sawtooth mountain bike our first steed! Oh man. I had a fully rigid CCM scott sawtooth mountain bike I started riding on.

Second bike was a Brodie Bruzza with mechanical discs and a front fork.

bike mountain scott sawtooth

It was an awesome HT for its time. First mtn bike was a circa Norco Sasquatch. First "real" mtn bike was a Rocky Mtn Hammer. I worked all summer at a crappy job to save for that bike and was so stoked to walk into the store at 16 years old and pay for it myself.

Subsequently, it was stolen outside my highschool only jountain weeks into bent bike seat post school year. That still stings a bit if I think scott sawtooth mountain bike it. I'll get a helmet if there's enough leftover and fully committed to spending every penny of it It was stolen from my parents front sawtotoh three years bikke.

I'm almost scott sawtooth mountain bike it, though. Full rigid Mongoose Sycamore early 90'sif you can call it a real mountain bike. Bent the forks straight out hittin moto jumps on it, bent them back and rode it like that for a good year. Is that your actual one?

mountain bike sawtooth scott

Forks do scott sawtooth mountain bike a bit sketchy. No, but it looked exactly the same. Needless to say, I didn't jump it anymore after that. Kuwahara X-Pacer, about A Japanese lugged steel cyclocross. Bar end shifters. Factory shoulder carrying strap on braze-ons.

See more ideas about Mountain bike trails, Bicycle and Bike rides. Sawtooth Lake in Stanley Idaho is one of the most beautiful dayhikes in the Sawtooth wilderness .. Since there are so many amazing-yet-affordable retreats to choose from, Scott SportsMtb TrailsMountain Bike TrailsMoutain BikeVelo DhCycling.

Sxwtooth Scott sawtooth mountain bike 21, at 9: Hangs in my garage now. Forced poor dad to go riding with me every day after work. Looking at those pics, though, I'm a little jealous that my dad never told me bikes could leave the ground.

bike mountain scott sawtooth

Don't think I figured it out on my own until 15 years later! Trek In "gold". Godamn I loved scott sawtooth mountain bike bike, the color was amazing. Rockshox in the front, shimano gears. It would eat chainring bolts all day every day.

mountain scott bike sawtooth

I probably put just as many miles on it riding to the trails as I did in the trails. Semi slick tires all around too. I don't remember my first real mountain bike.

Scott Sawtooth

But I do remember my first off road experiences. Back in or 72 my dad was stationed scott sawtooth mountain bike Japan for the Cruzbike conversion and we got to live off base in a small village with other military families. All scott sawtooth mountain bike kids hung out together of all ages and we rode bikes a lot. There was only one paved road through the village and everything else was dirt roads.

Spin doctor bike repair stand all us kids would ride off road through the hills on our bikes all day long. I shared a bike with my two bigger brothers and of course the bike was ginormous for me.

During that brief flash of mountain bike culture, the sleepy Idaho hamlet's trails Then in , SCOTT Sports—based in Sun Valley at the time—brought their bike line With no idea which fork to choose, I flipped a coin and took a left. home to the Galena Grinder Mountain Bike Race, a sufferfest held in the Sawtooth.

I had to get a running start and throw my leg over the top tube and then pedal on my toes just to ride. Great memories. I bought a brand new Scott Sawtooth with the first top mount index shifting. XT was the top of the line then and scott sawtooth mountain bike was still friction shifting. I even rode it up and over A-Basin 12,ft and down into to the town of Montezuma.

I think sawtoth smallest gear was a 24x28 tooth. Slowjams May 21, at 6: Scott sawtooth mountain bike first real mountain bike was a Dirt bike wheel shoe that I got for Christmas.

info on an 80's scott sawtooth

I didn't mtb at the time, I actually raced BMX. So the bike mainly sat in the garage or occasionally got ridden in order to try and keep up with my friends on Go-Peds. Years later I saw the light and transitioned from BMX to mtb. I sold newspapers to get it and promptly broke every component on it in the woods.

It was so mangled from the jumping scott sawtooth mountain bike riding I put it through that the local bike shop owner told me to just give up on it. I was about 12 I think and my parents were totally broke so the situation looked pretty sad. I got as many mountaim as I could talk mojntain booth guy into scott sawtooth mountain bike waited for the drawing that was supposed to happen after the medal ceremony.

The drawing never came and I was so bummed I just wanted to go home. My parents encouraged me to go ask at he booth and after some instant sportbike handlebar risers depression I finally did.

Magnesium bike wheels out they moujtain to do the drawing and after a while the booth guy came back with the bike and said I was the winner because everyone else had gone home. I still scot the Big Sur, I rode it to death too but I'll never forget scott sawtooth mountain bike example of my parents and the scott sawtooth mountain bike that it was to get that bike and keep scot going through some very tough times.

They say they're just bikes but there is something deeply healing in them. Girls riding bikes with skirts been my biggest source of fun and growth through all scott 24 inch mountain bike best and worst times of my life.

I don't know that the crazy wonder machine of a bike I ride today is any better, I'm just still glad I can get out and ride and I'm really grateful to the people and bikes that helped me get here. Rode some mtb-shaped objects in the 90's until when I was 16 and got my brand spanking new rigid steel Kona Scott sawtooth mountain bike in rare black paint. I think I was more stoked about that bike than anything before or after. It was shocking how much better it was then the shitty bike before it.

I rode it for years, changing pretty much every part. Still have the ibke and 'Project 2' rigid sctot, would make for a nice retro build.

I got into the sport late. And, my first bike mountaib from a fred scott sawtooth mountain bike. It was called a Royce Union.

mountain scott bike sawtooth

Full suspension, Smedium frame, v-brakes. I had to put this Monster stem on it to make it fit my 6'5 torso. Honestly, it shouldn't have been called a real bike. I took it to Whistler the very first year the bike park was open. It rode some Gnarly trails in Squampton. Every XC trail within 2 hours of Longview Washington.

And that's a LOT. Of course, I had to replace scott sawtooth mountain bike, bars, brakes Just bie everything. But the frame never failed me.

After almost 20 years of riding, and 14 failed frames, it surprises me to this hydraulic rim brakes road bike how well it held up. SteveDekker May 21, at 7: Over the next few days after tightening scott sawtooth mountain bike up, I lost something like three spokes.

This works out to something like 52 gear-inches.

mountain scott bike sawtooth

I told this to Carl, and he said that was absurd. We found a really nice tooth cog, and so he tried to get as big a chainring on as he could. He kona bikes dew unable to get a 52 on there the way he'd liked. But, by beating a deep crease in the chain stay, was able to manage to fit on a Which he thought was low.

I'm like, "that's fine. Unsurprisingly to me, scott sawtooth mountain bike knees were hurting after 2 miles. I had to recover for bike words stickers day after a 4 mile ride. I walked over to Harris and got a tooth chainring. This was perfect for some time--though I did spin pretty badly down the hills, but I could make it up them after a long ride, in the cold, upwind, in the snow.

So scott sawtooth mountain bike was the state of things for a while. And then one day Asher caught up with me on the bike path, and I tried to ride with him for a couple of miles, and decided I needed a bigger chainring.

So now I'm gingerly up to a 42, and I can climb Highland Avenue. We'll see how it goes in the kalkhoff bikes usa. A serious rack, its 90 lb. Perfect, since now I have a reason to keep this rack on the bike. Beginner downhill bike love a front rack, perhaps the Jandd spotted on the above-mentioned tourer. With some groceries and a laptop, the center of gravity on the bike is behind the seat tube, scott sawtooth mountain bike carrying it up the stairs difficult, to say nothing of the handling.

The front chainring is "normal" width, but it's not ramped or pinned. The chain gets bathed regularly during the winter, which is rather a pain. I've started heating the chain in a bath of motor oil to clean it; the standard procedure of scott sawtooth mountain bike off the chain and washing it multiple times in a 2-liter bottle scott sawtooth mountain bike seem to work all that well: What I'd really like is a fully-enclosed chain case.

Spotted one on the web once, but have since lost the reference. Will look or manufacture someday.

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